The Gates Mirror empire started out simple as Gates Industries. A small business started up by Richard Gates right after he dropped out of college. He had the idea for a new way to make system motherboards that would greatly reduce their size while maximizing throughput, making computers available to the average family in short order.

The Gates company focused on a simple operating system and user interface that was not always intuitive and easy to understand, but could be learned fairly easily. Once iDOS started, Richard knew he needed to change his approach or he would lose his customers to the simpler user interface of the iDOS machines.

After a rehaul and upgrade to the original DOS OS, Richard Gates released the first version of his new Mirror OS, which was a graphical interface that allowed anyone to easily and intuitively use the home computers he offered without much in the way of special training. Thus the Mirrors franchise was born.

Mirrors is the most well known and most popular Operating system in the world at this time, with a wider array of non-specialized uses for their system, and the machines it is the default for are much more upgradeable and easier to repair. Mirrors holds the lions share of home and business customers with lower cost machines and has started branching out into the mobile market.

While iDOS put out the first truly smart phone, and was the leader there for a while, HandBot quickly took over as the iDOS phones were expensive and catered to elitists. The new Mirror Phones are attempting to keep the functionality of the full size computers in the smaller machines, and as a result are not quite up to par with the HandBot or iDOS competitors. They do have a loyal customer base who are die-hard fans of Mirrors and have kept the dream alive as well as keeping the Mirrors Phone team funded to try and fix their shortcomings.


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