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These new apps are the hottest Apps that are available cross-platform for your smartphones, available in the iDOS store, HandBot Apps store, and through the MirrorPhone App Market thanks to the innovators and programmers at INTUIT Labs

CloudBurst - This App will keep track of the weather and anything unusual happening in that extreme.

SpeekIn – Using short messages of 140 characters or less, called Wordz, you can share your thoughts, express yourself, spread rumors or grow your business

MyWall – This social media site is the most popular and well connected site in cyber-space. All of your friends and family have at least one account, and you are just a click away from sharing your thoughts and encouragement to any of them!

Pixyl – This is the best known collection of images cloud-shared and public sourced. Everyone has a Pixyl account they share the story of their lives through photos and blogs.

BCN – Bay City News is the newspaper for the digital age! This one app gives access to your daily paper, plus (for a small additional fee) access to scanned and archived issues of papers from years past!

Main Page

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